Who we are


We began as a small group of therapists who believed in connecting clients with their ideal therapists simply and seamlessly.

We connected as trainee therapists, we felt like a team, we valued the support and sense of community that therapists can offer one another, and we wanted to create a lasting community for therapists to learn together, grow together and work together.

So we created Choice Therapies.

Choice Therapies is not another faceless directory. We believe in the power of a supportive, holistic community in building better therapists, so that we can better serve our clients.

Finding the right therapist for you doesn't have to be scary. Choice Therapies can help you make the right choice for you.

Diverse Group Cheering

Our Mission

At Choice Therapies we are passionate about making it simpler and safer for clients to connect with the right therapists and get the support they need.


Our mission at Choice Therapies is to help therapists focus their energy on what they do best, helping people. By fostering a community that nurtures learning, growth and connection we support our therapists to better serve their clients.


Hi, I’m Issy!

I’m the content creator at Choice Therapies. You’re likely to find me sharing what we do across social media, helping to connect those seeking support with the therapies and therapists that can help them. I’m also a solution focused coach and hypnotherapist with a background in journalism and business development. I enjoy using a strength-based approach, mindfulness techniques and clinical hypnosis to help women overcome anxiety and stress and thrive, at work and at home.


Hi, I’m Tony!

I’m the website whizz at Choice Therapies! You’re most likely to find me coding the latest and greatest new features into our website to make it a great user experience, both for those seeking therapy and for our member therapists. I'm also a behaviour specialist, entrepreneur, author and therapist with over 25 years experience. As a former British and European Taekwondo champion and current member of Team GB in some pentathlon events, I specialise in hypnotherapy and sports performance.


Hi, I’m Lizzie!

I’m the self-care and community guru at Choice Therapies. You’re likely to find me writing our monthly members' newsletter, promoting self care, and touching base with our therapists to ensure Choice Therapies remains a genuine nurturing community for all those involved. I'm also a solution focused hypnotherapist and registered nurse with 24 years experience. I'm interested in the use of meditation, reiki and hypnotherapy to support those experiencing anxiety and pain.