Become a leader

A holistic hub of like-minded therapists who genuinely know one another, learn together, grow together and believe in a holistic approach to mental health

A place for therapists to be therapists, not business people – website and marketing etc is taken care of.

Support your therapy community by arranging events, get-togethers, training and conferences with the support of other leaders.


Continuity of care- referring clients within umbrella to alternative specialists that you can trust.


Larger projects – workshops, collaborations, expos, working with corporate clients.

Free access to training, events and a discounted membership rate.


A supportive space for trainee therapists 

  • Clients can be reassured that all members have completed GDPR training, have insurance, have a certain number of client hours before working with Choice Therapies.

  • Transparent – clients access lower cost. Trainees have online presence to access clients so that they can grow and learn and meet the expectations of their courses.

Public Speaker

Peer support and training

  • Regular peer supervision

  • Help plan training opportunities, events guest lecturers and get free access to others

Be a part of something bigger

  • More than simply an online directory.

  • Regular peer support – online and face to face.

  • Help shape collaboration opportunities – fosters an environment where members can work together on projects (workshops etc).

  • Network – refer clients to alternative specialisms that you can trust.

  • Community – social events, support.

Maintain your independence as a private practitioner

  • You will have your own profile on our website so you don’t need one, but if you do have one, there will be a link to it.

  • All client payments will be organised between you and your clients.

  • One simple monthly payment subscription.

Attractive to service users

  • Clients are reassured by a larger entity.

  • Clients looking for therapists will be able to see that you are a leader in this community that will make you stand out.

  • Optimised website – don’t need to worry about being SEO expert.

Greater online presence

  • Pooled resources – capacity for more & consistent Marketing and SEO and content.

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