Children Playing

The child’s brain is absorbing information constantly from so many different sources, some being emotional, social, factual and fictional.  At a young age it is sometimes difficult for them to express how they feel about the effects of external influences that they do not have control over.


There are many professionals and therapies that can assist with helping children and their families overcome difficulties.



Below is a list of therapies which we offer:


Many of the therapists have an enhanced DBS which means that they can work with children and vulnerable adults, please check individual profiles for information.

Therapies that help


It can be a joy using hypnotherapy with young children.  Using props such as toys, music or even magic, hypnotherapy can help children express themselves without the need to talk about the past, but to look towards the future and provide coping mechanisms to assist them through difficulties.


Counselling can support you to explore what you're going through and why you feel as you do. Your counsellor can help you to look at any underlying issues and unhelpful thinking patterns that might be causing your anxiety. Your counsellor can then help you to find techniques that work for you, to manage and overcome your anxiety.