End of Life

Hospital Bed

Caring for a person with life-limiting illness, as well as their loved ones, is crucial in ensuring that all of those involved have the support they need at what it can be a very challenging time. A range of therapies can contribute towards end of life care, before illness strikes, after illness is diagnosed and treatments begin, during advanced illness and the dying process, and after the death of the client, with bereaved survivors.

Therapies that help


Hypnotherapy can help those with a life-limiting illness who are experiencing pain by reducing fear and anxiety and reframing the experience of pain, using mindfulness techniques and clinical hypnosis. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy helps you to reframe what you are experiencing so that you gain a sense of control over your life and over the time you have left.


End of life care aims to help you to live as comfortably as possible in the time you have left. with help and sensitivity from a trained professional you are taken along this journey. A counsellor is aware that your illness may impact your family members and friends and are there for you to talk through your concerns.

A counsellor will provide emotional support to patients with a potentially life threatening or terminal illness and those directly involved.