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Based on an independent, nationally-represented survey of over 2000 UK adults - Mynurva 2018

Support for companies, employers and employees

Protecting our mental health in more important now than ever. Lockdown presents significant challenges for many - and the impact on the physical and mental health of the workforce can be devastating. 

At Choice Therapies we make it easy for you to support the mental and physical health of your team.

How we can support you

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Support for remote workers

Working remotely has become the normal. This new way of working can seriously impact mental health and well-being. At Choice Therapies our practitioners offer both remote (online and telephone) services and outdoor therapies to help support you and your team. Find out more.

Stress and burnout

Work is the leading cause of stress and can have serious consequences for mental health and well-being. In the most serious cases lead to depression, burnout and even suicide. At Choice Therapies we have specialists who can help you and your team to build resilience and raise awareness. Our experienced practitioners offer a range of of therapies to support those in your team who are suffering with work stress. Find out more.

Performance and creativity

At work it can be difficult to be creative and perform at your best. At Choice Therapies our practitioners can support your team to remove performance barriers caused by anxiety and stress. We offer a range of therapies that can support your workforce to reach their potential. Find out more.

Training and group support

Staff training is a great way to support well-being and improve the mental health of your employees. At Choice Therapies our practitioners can help your team to recognise mental health issues in themselves and others, so that support reaches those who need it. Find out more.

Top 10 causes of work-related stress
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Causes of stress in the UK
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Most stressed out departments
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*Stress experienced daily
Health and Safety Executive (HSE)’s Labour Force Survey 2020