What is Choice Therapies?


Choice Therapies is an online and offline community of therapists, who collaborate with each other on holistic health projects, learn together at Choice Therapies training events, and connect with and support each other through the online Choice Therapies community platform.



How can it help you as a practitioner?

At Choice Therapies, we foster an online and offline holistic community of therapists who are passionate about supporting each other to be the best we can be for ourselves and for our clients. All members have the opportunity to connect with one another through the Choice Therapies forum and on the members pages, attend regular peer support meetings with guest speakers, so that you can connect with other therapists in a wide range of fields. This is great to be able to refer clients to other services within the community.



How can it help you as a trainee?

Choice Therapies can offer you a place where you can learn from other therapists as you complete your training. You will receive regular peer support sessions as well as access to our forum and events.



What does it cost?

The use of Choice Therapies is completely free. You also have access to the forum, where you can share your knowledge and seek support yourself; you have the ability to write Blogs that are featured in Choice Words and you can attend the free regular peer support sessions with guest speakers.


How do I join?

You can click on the sign-up button on the Choice Therapies website and this will take you to a sign up form, where you can subscribe to join the Choice Therapies community. Once you have registered you receive a confirmation email and then wait for your professional membership documents verified. Once that is done then you will become a member and will receive an email to let you know.

What does the verification process involve?

During the registration you will have uploaded your professional body membership document. verification is just simply checking that it is valid and registered which usualy takes around 48 hours to complete. 


How are my verification documents kept?

As per GDPR law, Choice Therapies ensures that all data you provide is secured in password protected and encrypted storage.



How can I connect with other therapists online through Choice Therapies?

At Choice Therapies our mission is to foster a supportive environment in which therapists from multiple disciplines can learn together, grow together and work together, and become part of a stronger, holistic community. All Choice Therapies members can follow and message other therapists. You can contribute to existing forums or create new forums in the Choice Therapies members space. Members can also write and post blogs on 'Choice Words' the Members Blog area.



How can I connect with other therapists offline through Choice Therapies?

At Choice Therapies we believe real connection goes beyond an online network, so we run regular peer support meetings where you can connect with fellow therapists. We also organise local events with guest speakers that bring together our community of therapists in a holistic learning environment. 



What happens at the peer support meeting?

All Choice Therapies members are invited to attend regular peer support meetings, either online or face to face. These meetings are an opportunity to build connections, learn from each other, and feel like part of a community. Each meeting includes a presentation from a guest speaker, as well as opportunities for members to connect and be an active part of shaping the future of Choice Therapies. PLEASE NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 situation, all regular support meetings events will be held online, until we are advised that it is safe to do otherwise.



How can I contribute to Choice Words, the Choice Therapies blog?

All full members are invited to contribute to our client facing blog platform Choice Words so that they can share their thoughts with a larger audience and optimise their online presence. This really sets them apart. All members are also able to post and comment on our Forum to share knowledge and skills and ask for help. 



How do I use the Choice Therapies app?


If you are on the go and would like to check in with the Choice Therapies community you can use the Choice Therapies app. The Choice Therapies app by WIX makes it easy for you to read the latest blogs or post one of your own, read and comment on the forum, or check what Choice Therapies events are coming up  - all on your smartphone!



How can you contact us?


If you would like to get in touch, you can contact us via the contact form on the website, vIa live chat, or via email at contact@choicetherapies.co.uk . One of our friendly team members will be in touch with you as soon as they can be.