Exploring sexuality and who you are can be a daunting time for a person. It is often a challenging when open and honest conversations are difficult to find yet essential for understanding. Seeking therapy to discuss thoughts and ideas, feelings and potential fears is a great way of exploring in a safe and confidential environment.

Therapies that help

Person Centred Counselling


Speaking to a counsellor can help with some of the difficulties you’re facing, such as:

* finding it hard to accept your sexuality

* coping with other people’s reactions

* low self-esteem and low self-confidence

* fear of violence or abuse in public places

* effects of bullying and discrimination

* feeling as if your body does not reflect your true gender (gender dysphoria)

* transitioning


Hypnotherapy can help you to reframe your thoughts and associations  so that you feel better able to cope with the emotions you are experiencing. Using deep relaxation techniques, your hypnotherapist can help you come to terms with your emotions, gain a sense of control over how you are feeling, and allow you to understand yourself better.