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Performance can cover several areas including sports, work and sexual. Each area will have a different emphasis and focus.

Sports - Sports performance is the increase in your ability to train and compete at a higher and higher level consistently. Many sports coaches and athletes now recognise the need to train the mind as much as they do the body in order to achieve this.

Work - Performance at work is often link to areas such as stress and impostor syndrome (a feeling that you don't deserve the job you have and are going to be found out). These are often associated with an internal perception of ability and how others perceive you. 

Sexual - Sexual performance is often linked to impotence and premature ejaculation. baring any medical condition, the majority of issues arise in the mind and can therefore be improved and solved by using a therapist to work on those issues. More info here and here


Therapies that help


Hypnotherapy can help with all areas of performance.

Sport - It can help athletes to control anxiety and fear, enhance imagery and intensity as well as helping with pain management and erasing performance blocks.

Work - It can help you deal with anxiety and stress in order improve your work life. It can help deal with your perceptions of negativity and self-doubt that will have knock on effects throughout your life.

Sexual - It can help you remove the negative and unwanted thought processes that are often a barrier with sexual performance. Allowing you to be in the now.