Back to school (or not)

Dear Parents of teens and young people,

The road back to a normal school life stretches into the distance. 

The masks are out,

The sanitiser is stocked, 

The yellow tape is down,

The tables are spaced.

A swarm of confusing new rules just got swallowed into the school day.

Our teenagers and young people have spent lockdown, locked down, 

And the locks on our future generations remain. 

Locked out of schools they may never return to,

Locked out of milestones they never got to celebrate,

Locked into grades they had little control over,

Locked out of gap years that have been cancelled,

Locked out of careers that have been halted.

Make way for frustration,

Acknowledge fears,

Accept worries,

Expect tears.

It is a frustrating, scary, worrying time.

And yet, 

Make way for creativity,

Acknowledge strength,

Accept individuality,

Expect hope.

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