Get Creative with your diet

Often we fall into patterns of preparing and eating the same meals over and over again. This is down to a myriad of reasons.... We know the kids will eat it, we can cook it with our eyes closed, we are on autopilot when at the supermarket.

Shaking things up from time to time and injecting a bit of creativity into our diet can be of benefit for both our bodies and our minds.

The more variety that we have in our food choices equates to diversity of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that we absorb. This means the more we get creative with our weekly meal plan the healthier we could ultimately be.

Abundance of colourful veg which can supply you with everything from Vitamin A to Zinc, good quality meats can give you a great dose of B12 and iron, mix up those complex carbs allowing for slow releasing energy and fibre.

Maybe add in few ingredients that you may have never ventured towards before such a fermented foods like sauerkraut or kimchi.

These not only add to the tapestry of interesting meal times, that can engage the family but creativity when designing dinner can lead to a well rounded and nutritionally dense diet that will support immune system, energy levels and overall health.

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