Looking forward to the future you?

It is a challenge to live in the present when the present is not a comfortable place to exist.

With the advent of the pandemic and the trials that is has brought with it, a daydream of the future is often a calmer more tranquil setting. It is the unknown with infinite possibilities that can be far more soothing.

Rather than these thoughts just being a daydream, in reality, it is an extremely important tool for building the future that best services your needs. It is the beginning of a narrative where you ask yourself, what will make me happy, what will make me healthy, what makes me feel good and most importantly what doesn’t.

Within the framework of nutrition, how we nourish ourselves today effects how we thrive tomorrow. The food choices we make, the level of stress we expose ourselves too, even the number of hours and quality of sleep we get all make up the tapestry of our future health and in turn our longevity.

It is easy to have a disparity between the you of today and the aspirational one of tomorrow. The future you being a picture of health and wellness and conversely the you of today accepting your fourth cup of coffee and second chocolate bar, whilst running around like a headless chicken trying to get through your metre long to-do list. .

So, how do we bring these two versions of ourselves closer together. How do we make decisions today that will allow us to have a brighter tomorrow?

When you start to think of your future self as an extension of your current self it is easier to make decisions in the here and now that are more aligned with what you want for yourself later on.

Its an exercise that takes conscious thought and perseverance but will allow you to bring the two versions closer together.

2021 is a year of many possibilities. Why don’t you make it the year that you and your future self get to meet.

Both myself Emma Kenton James, a Nutritional Therapist and Issy Martin a Solution focused Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist have developed a programme where we can help you achieve just that.

The 2021 Mind & Body Reset is a 3 month package, constituting of 3 sessions for your body and 3 session for your mind, that will enable you to take on 2021 as your strongest self from a place of nutritional and psychological reset and grounding.

Take a step towards your future self today and find out more

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