The Perception of nutrition

Science is ever evolving and as such our so is our understanding of nutrition. This relatively embryonic area of science is one that seems to amend year on year. We often hear soundbites such as ‘Fat is bad’, ‘carbs are evil’, ‘gluten and diary are to be steered clear of’. Here lies the route of many of the fad diets that you may have come across and indeed tried.

So we rally and try our best to keep up with the ever changing messages of the diet industry, never knowing how well we are really doing. Our perception of health and wellbeing shifts with these messages and the landscape of understanding becomes unclear and often a place of guilt.

So how do we follow the right path? How do we keep up? How do when to know when to listen and when to not.

The truth is, everyone and everybody is different. Therefore there cannot be one blanket hard and fast rule that applies to everyone all the time. There are a multitude of variables that range from genetics, to lifestyle, to diet, to medication, to age and many more that impact how your body works most efficiently.

One of the ways that we can help ourselves thrive is by shifting our perception from the outside to listening to cues on the inside. Shutting out the noise from those who may not be trained, have never met us let alone understand how our body works and letting our own voice ring louder. What foods feel good, what foods don’t sit as well. Which foods do we enjoy, how do they impact our energy levels. Are they servicing our needs for that day? This narrative will often be of far greater benefit for your ongoing health than a low carb, low fat, no calorie unsustainable diet.

The more we understand about ourselves, the more we are likely to thrive. Current perception of diet and all of its negative connotations do not fit into the realms of being kind to oneself. Let’s reframe our relationship with food and begin to recognise that nourishing ourselves is a journey of understanding.

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