Pregnancy and the birth of a new baby can affect mothers, fathers and other family members in lots of different ways.  Pregnancy may cause some parents to feel anxious, or exacerbate existing mental health conditions. Some parents may be dealing with the physical and emotional stress of undergoing IVF, while others may be grieving following miscarriage, or feeling helpless if there are medical concerns for the baby. The experience of birth itself can be traumatic for many parents. Some parents may be grieving following stillbirth or infant death, while parents of babies born prematurely may be facing the emotional challenges of having a baby in NICU. 

Therapies that help


Many women use hypnosis to ease the pain of giving birth but hypnosis can also be effective for many parents experiences challenges with pregnancy and childbirth including:

  • helping to reduce anxiety and stress to support those trying to conceive 

  • relieving anxiety and fear in pregnant parents

  • holding off premature labor 

  • reframing a traumatic birth experience


Counselling provides a safe space for you to talk through your feelings and work through any grief, frustration, anger, anxiety and fear that can be associated with complications around pregnancy and childbirth. Your counsellor can support you to feel more at ease if you have experienced mental health issues before pregnancy and feel anxious and afraid that these conditions will be exacerbated by the challenges of parenthood.  


Acupuncture is a safe and drug free treatment which may help with a wide range of symptoms that can arise during pregnancy, including headaches and migraines, lower back pain, morning sickness, tiredness, anxiety, depression, insomnia, pelvic pain, breech presentation. Weekly pre-birth acupuncture from 36 weeks onwards can help prepare for childbirth during the final stages of pregnancy. Benefits of prebirth acupuncture can include reduced labour length, and reduced need for medical intervention. Prebirth acupuncture can also boot energy and aid relaxation in preparation for birth, calm the mind of any unwanted anxieties, help to turn a breech baby, soften ligaments and tendons, and aid in cervical dilation. Acupuncture can also be used as an induction treatment if necessary to encourage a post date pregnancy to move forward.