Our mental health can feel great one day and not the next; we can have periods of time where it seems that the feeling will not go away and we find it difficult to move past it.  This is common and it is usual now for celebrities to share this on social media to help show others that everyone’s mental health can be affected at different parts of their lives.


As teenagers there are many changes happening within the body i.e  hormones and brain activity and thoughts.  There are many changes happening around the person i.e. relationships with friends, family and partners and there is the social media world which is a constant part of our every day.

Therapies that help


Hypnotherapy can help you cope better with:

·      anxiety and stress, 

·      depression and low mood, 

·      family and relationship difficulties

·      Bullying

·      Anger/behaviour difficulties

·      Low self-esteem/confidence

·      Public speaking


The hypnotherapist will speak with you about what is worrying you and will ask you what your hopes are by experiencing hypnotherapy.  From there, sessions will consist of a conversation focussing on positive outcomes and relaxation techniques for the mind.


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