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Mental Health and Wellbeing Service

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About Me

Hi I'm Jane Etty and I'm a Mental Health and Wellbeing Coach.

Would you like...

🌻 Belief that you can achieve your desires
🌻 Ability to influence others positively in your life
🌻 Trust yourself that you are making the right choices

🌻 Validation of your feelings – you matter
🌻 No longer afraid to voice your opinions
🌻 Letting go of striving for things that don’t align with your values

Energy & Vitality
🌻 Greater energy levels to live life more fully
🌻 Better self-care making you feel physically and mentally strong
🌻 Feeling accomplished when you meet your goals

Clarity of thought
🌻 Better decision making
🌻 Ability to focus on your goals
🌻 Improved communications = better relationships

Improved Resilience
🌻 Reduced anxiety and depression
🌻 Beat the vicious cycle of stress - physical pain – emotional pain - stress
🌻 Ability to recover more quickly when things don’t go to plan

It's not always easy to know how to get where you want to go; sometimes you need a guide. Someone to be there for you and help show you the way.

You might need someone just to listen to you, without judgement – I am here.

You might want to work on defining your life goals and formulating a plan to meet them – I’m still here.

Or perhaps you need someone to hold you fast whilst the storm rages around you and keeping holding on until things settle down – I’m steadfastly here

Whatever your current situation, you can count on my attention, kindness and compassion in every session. You can count on me to listen when you need to be heard and to kick your butt when you need to be taking action. You can count on me to provide reflection and accountability with honesty and to show a genuine interest in every conversation we have.

I use my Mental Health and Nursing qualifications and experience within the sessions and we may also use Cognitive Behaviour therapy Principles to help you reach your desired outcomes.

Together we’ll work through your struggles and bring you to a place of health, happiness and harmony.

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