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About Me

I retired from the NHS in September in 2106 working as a psychiatric nurse although continue to practice and have worked in the NHS for 26 years. I have worked primarily on in-patient units: acute, rehabilitation and recovery, mother and baby unit, low secure forensic, eating disorders and CAMHS. Since retiring I have also worked as a support worker and service users have included those with complex needs, learning disability, acquired brain injury, autism and survivors of modern slavery / trafficking.

Over time I have employed various therapeutic approaches / techniques. These include the change cycle, motivational interviewing, counselling techniques (Heron’s six categories of intervention, Egan’s three-stage model), grounding techniques (meditation / mindfulness) risk and anger management, emotional regulation, de-escalation and application of Johari’s Window.

Furthermore, I possess knowledge, understanding and application of approaches to managing eating disorders, CBT, DBT, stress vulnerability model, and the recovery model.

As a result of the impact of Covid-19 and the anxieties and fears that have been created by this pandemic I have decided to take an innovative approach by looking to work outdoors. There are a number of benefits of taking this approach:

• Reduced risk of transmission
• Easier to apply social distancing
• Reduced need to sanitise objects / items
• Power of connecting with nature
• Reduced anxiety for clients thereby opening up channels for creative exploration

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Bristol, UK

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